In light of increasing demand for capital to invest in technical infrastructure development in Ho Chi Minh City, while available capital from the state budget is limited, in the end of 2001, Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment JSC (CII) was established with three founding shareholders including the Ho Chi Minh City Investment Fund for Urban Development (HFIU), now known as the Ho Chi Minh City State Financial Investment Company (HFIC), the Ho Chi Minh City Voluntary Youth Production Trading and Services Company (VYC) and the Ho Chi Minh City Investment and Services JSC (INVESCO).

As a financial investment institution, operating under the model of a public joint stock company, the inception of CII has contributed to the implementation of the socialization policy for infrastructure investment and development of the State, through the formation of a mobilization channel for medium and long-term capital of financial institutions, as well as idle capital of the people and all other economic sectors.

In order to expand the ability to mobilize capital, on May 18, 2006 CII listed 30 million shares for the first time on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE). As a leading company in raising capital on the stock market to invest in the infrastructure sector, the shares of the company had been selected into the “top 30” stock basket with the largest capitalization in the market.

In 2011, the company successfully issued $US 40 million of convertible bonds to Goldman Sachs, marking a new development milestone for CII in mobilizing capital from overseas private investors.

The year 2012 witnessed another remarkable milestone of CII which was the collaboration of strategic investor Ayala Corporation who officially became one of the major shareholders of the company, contributing to the implementation of the strategy for developing international governance system.

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Entering 2013, with high growth rate and a series of investment projects to be implemented, the original model of governance became no longer relevant, CII decided to carry out the financial restructuring process. To date, the company is engaging in the charter capital of 17 companies that mainly operate in the fields of infrastructure, 9 of which are subsidiaries. The total capital contributing to these company is nearly VND 3,000 billion. With this amount of “bait” capital, the company has successfully raised many times larger than this amount of capital from the financial markets to invest in projects in various forms such as issuance of shares, corporate bonds, convertible bonds, bank loans. Total investment capital to be implemented in the next few years is expected to reach up to VND 20,000 billion.

After more than 14 years of operation, the Company has positioned as an investor with strong financial capability and reputation in the field of infrastructure including traffic roads and bridges, residential infrastructure, industrial infrastructure, production and supply of fresh water, toll road services.

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